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Vintage Go Kart Kit


 our new Vintage style go kart. we brought back one of our first go kart we built in the 1980's added some up grades to get what you see. We are now in production of this Go kart, call us about shipping


Vintage style Go-kart with 6" Tri Star Wheel and 6" vintage slicks,

Our New Vintage Go kart we call the Dominator GK2 is shown with the 6" standard tires . narrow slicks for the vintage racing go kart classes' . other wheels and tires are available as an option.

Specifications for the Dominator GK2

Total length 60" , total width 39" , Ground clearance (with off road tires) 5.5" , ground to top of seat hoop 26" , seat to pedals 38"

1-1/4" round tubing mig welded

seat loop 1" 090 steel tubing

steering loop 1" .090 tubing

Steering shaft 5/8" solid shaft with pit arm welded in place

11" Pro steering wheel with hub

1" x 38" steel rear axle with 1/4" key ways

front spindles 5/8" axles

tie rods with aircraft quality rod ends 3/8" left and right for easy adjustments

racer type gas and brake pedals with hardware and linkage

padded seat (Black only)

disk brake (mechanical) with rotor

sprocket 54 tooth for 420 chain

sprocket hub

Motor plate is for any 4 to 7 hp motors like Honda GX 200 GX180 , HFT 212 , Briggs and more

OPTION 1 , is (4) 145x70x6" tubeless off-road tires (2) front steel wheels with 5/8" pression bearings (2 ) rear steel 1" drive wheels

1970's vintage racing style go kart , affordable, easy to drive. Go karts are always a great way for a family to have fun together , Bring back the good old day's with this vintage Gokart type racer

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